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    Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd.
    Chemistry in Motion
  • Welcome to
    Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd.
    Chemistry in Motion

About Us

Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. was established in early 2007 for providing services and products to cater intelligently to chemical industry to store, transport, ship and deliver all kinds of chemicals (gaseous, liquid, granular, or solid) in the most intelligent, specialized, optimal and cost effective manner.


Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd, is a group Company of ECT Corporation and was primarily established to own, operate and facilitate agency services for its own tank container fleet and partner tank container companies’ fleets.

It has grown organically in a methodical, nuanced and gradual manner to achieve a fleet size of 700 tanks+ and growing.

Today it is a name and force to reckon with in the international tank container market for its knowledge quotient, quality, innovative strategies and tactical deployments.

Being a part of a large Group helps us tremendously to derive benefits from the forward & backward integrated processes and establishments.

Goals and Vision

Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd, intends to grow its business and ecosystem by building a close, professional, knowledge progressive and personalised attention service level with its existent and prospective customers.

It wishes to bring value to the business relationship that it holds with subtle pride with its Customers, Vendors and Employees.

Our vision is to grow with the opportunities that our business relationships provides us with, taking along our Customers, Vendors and Service Providers, integrating the full process for maximum success.

Our Goal is to endeavour for constant improvement in technically advanced Tank Containers that we intend to provide our Customers with, ceaselessly improve the qualitative and quantitative service deliverables and to cater to the large market depth and character with varied investments in tank container equipment.

Owners & Management

Mrs. B. Purohit Director

Message from the Managing Director

Greetings! Thank you for visiting our website. In a global village of business where businesses are innovated locally but delivered globally, Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd, located in India, is placed in an orbit of high growth, low cost overheads and high flexibility zone.

Businesses and economic demands are becoming increasingly cost stressed out with nil compromise on quality and deliverables. In such a situation, quick thinking and quicker decision making based on rapid cost matrix flexibilities will determine the growth trajectory of any enterprise.

Experience in Chemicals and chemical trade can only but help a Company like ours to constantly excel in product development and enhanced quality levels to differentiate our bouquet of products & services to stand out against competition, which is not only massive in terms of size and number but also with larger economies of scale.

Against such a backdrop, Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. has continued to grow impressively, constantly downsizing costs and optimising wealth creation process, while at the same time pushing the envelope on epitomising sustained quality.

I convey my sincere sense of thankfulness to all our Customer and Vendors who stood by us and have steadfastly supported us through several years.

Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. will continue in its earnest efforts to contribute to higher goal setting and quality with undivided attention and undying spirit to excel.

Sincere Regards.

Products & Services

Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. works on diverse areas in congruence to deliver a seamless service to its customers. Its main activities are in:

T11 Tank Containers

T14 Tank Containers

Lined Tank Containers

Gas & Cryogenic Tank Containers

Food Grade Tank Containers

International Freight Forwarding

Customs Clearance & Other Value Adds

Trucking and Deliveries

Tank Container Heating Services

Management of Tank Container fleets of several Multinational Companies’ India traffic

Periodic Test (2.5 years/pneumatic & 5 years/hydraulic)

Global Contracts with Tank Container periodic test Competent Authorities

Sea Freight

Supply Chain Management & Off-Shore services

Warehousing and Distribution

Training Services for full range of Tank Container technicalities (including, N2 purging, loading & discharge courtesy our in-house engineering team).


Chemical Product Flow Chart.pdf

Tank Container Discharging Guide.pdf

Tank Container Loading Guide.pdf

World Ports.pdf


What value Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. brings to your business ?

With the best professionals in its team and experts heading the Business Units; Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. imparts value to the process chains of its clientele right from the very initiation of the SCM.

What are areas of specialization for Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. ?

While a detailed look at the services and activities could throw sufficient light on the products and activities which the Company has to offer, the most notable part is the integration of activities and the cohesive functional unit which the Company performs as. The forward and backward integration processes ensure that there are cost savings to offer longevity to the business and make it work in the longer run.

What positioning does Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. target in the chemical business ?

We grew at a very rapid pace setting records for a start-up Company, as such. The chemical industry is susceptible to rapid changes and we have this realization in built within us to adapt reflexively to such changes and proportion our tactical approach seamlessly to enhance the strategic interest without compromising the basic tenets and philosophy of our businesses.
We are of the firm opinion that we will grow stronger and bigger in size with every passing year and towards this target we commit ourselves to the cause in a manner where we commit our our time and extend extra efforts to ensure that our customers not only appreciate our efforts but also provide us with more trustworthy tasks which contributes to the growth prospects of such Customers.

How does a Company see the integrated value which Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. can offer ?

Opportunities when provided exhibit focus, passion and precision by us to ensure, test, confirm, and corroborate integrated positive results. We have an enviable list of customers who unfailingly trust in us and we consistently excel in our efforts to optimize business processes and our business solutions are innovative, out of the box, cost effective, reduce down-time and live up to the commitments.


Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd. derives subtle pride in its team. Majority of our team have been with us since the inception and have grown professionally as well as in terms of exposure and outlook in the spheres of International Business, Local Customer Progression, Technical Knowledge Elevation, Legal Matters Understanding and most importantly in general application and execution.

Our core team comprises of highly experienced people who have spent >2 decades in Shipping, Chemical and Food Grade Industries. Team members are justifiably qualified with Shipping Diplomas from Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping (NMIS), which is ‘the’ top shipping institute in India. Some of our team members are MBA (Shipping and Port Management), while others come from diverse fields as BSc (Science) and Commerce as well as Finance streams with specialisation in EXIM trade, International Business Management and Nautical Sciences.

Every member is empowered to take quick decision based on skills that each possess, operates independently and has the requisite freedom to innovate and think beyond the rudimentary tasks. Our members avail regular training sessions within India and abroad to upgrade themselves in the regulatory and commercial aspects of international business in general and Tank Container trade in particular. Key members also have IMDG certifications and all members have access to IMDG software to check, corroborate and guide wherever required for necessary compliances and protocols.


Business Leadership Award - For Outstanding Achievements in Business & S.pdf

Business Leadership Award - Indian Achievers Forum.pdf

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Exodus ChemTank Pvt. Ltd.

India Head Quarter:
30, Madhuban, Ground Floor, Near Dahisar Telephone Exchange, Dahisar (East), Mumbai - 400068, Maharashtra, India

Offices Abroad:
Singapore, Thailand & UAE.



10 Regions, 66 Countries and some unique coverage/countries; all designed to meet your exceptional demands in the most flexible, viable and professional manner.

Headquarter: India

Asia Pacific: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan,Indonesia, Australia & New Zealand.

Indian sub-continent: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Pakistan

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Qatar.

North Africa & Mediterranean: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Spain & Italy

Balkans: Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic,Slovakia & Austria.

Benelux: The Netherlands, Germany & Belgium

UK Continent: United Kingdom & Ireland.

Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Estonia

CIS Countries: Russian Federation, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan & Georgia.

USA: Dedicated Round-Trip Business.